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Centralize your team’s information and knowledge with Boost Hub

Use Public API

Boost Hub supports authentication using a bearer token. Each token is associated with the team, which generated it, and you can manage your tokens and team resources separately.

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Embed Public Resources

Are you thinking of embedding something public resources such as GitHub gist, Google maps, or YouTube videos? We have your back! You can easily put iframes from other services into your documents.

You can bring all of your documents

You can upload your local markdown files, text files, and HTML files to Boost Hub, but you can also bring your documents from other services too.

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Full keyboard control

Work without leaving your keyboard using shortcuts. The most important key is ⌘/Ctrl + P. You can pull up the search modal and find information quickly.

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Share your doc

Set sharing permissions for each doc. Make them private, on viewable by your team or invite external guests.

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Centralize your team’s information and knowledge with Boost Hub.