With Boost Hub, say goodbye to the tedious manual work. You can easily create a workflow for your team by combining it with external services.

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Custom block let you make custom react components, integrated with various 3rd party app apis like GitHub and Trello, and embed them into the markdown document.

Let's reduce manual and repeatitive work using custom blocks.

How to make it possible

Boost Hub is built by developers for developers. We’ve made it highly hackable, so you can customize the custom block in your way.

If you can write it with React and APIs, you can play in Boost Hub.

1. Create a custom block

Code should be javascript or typescript code which is exporting a react component as default. Boost Hub will compile the custom block code internally and run it in browser when the block is rendered.

Also, you can integrate 3rd party app with a custom block very easily.

2. Use a block in markdown document

All custom blocks are available in any documents by inserting its name like this, <CustomBlockName />.

If you don't remember the name, you can click on Blocks above the document. It will show a list of custom blocks available in your workspace. Once you click select Boost Hub will insert the block to markdown document.

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