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Boost Hub is more than just a markdown editor or a wiki.
You can collaborate with your team members in real-time, from anywhere.

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Since Boost Hub lets you collaborate with your team members on the same platform, there are some recommended use cases!

Diagrams? We have your back.

Boost Hub supports Charts.js, Mermaid, andPlantUML, which means you can put diagrams in your document.

You can even write a formula.

For clean representation of maths equations it is time to use LaTex in the Boost Hub editor. Enclose blocks with $$ and you can generate beautiful mathematical script.

Embedding feature is coming soon!

Just copy/paste the URL, and tada! Boost Hub will show you the external content such as GitHub issues, Trello cards, Google Docs, and much more automatically.

That is not all. You can do some actions depends on the content you embedded. For example, if you embed GitHub issues, you can either add labels, assign members, close the issue, etc.

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