Collaborative Workspace
for Your Dev Team

Knowledge sharing tool for the developers by the developers

Confluence and Notion are great tools for knowledge sharing, but they don't have enough features for developers. VSCode and Atom are great for coding, but they can't be used for knowledge sharing.

You know what? The Boost Note development team, which has delivered the tools to over a million developers, has created an ideal tool for professional developer teams like yours.

Centralizing and structuring scattered knowledge from multiple tools

Slack messages flow quickly and can be missed easily. Trello tickets are fragmented and harder to connect information. Your tools are siloed based on your needs and can cause panic among your team.

Boost Hub works with over 2000 tools that you can use to automate knowledge sharing and aggregate information in one place.

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There are tons of ideal features for developers

Boost Hub lets you create markdown documents as a team in realtime. And this markdown editor is not just a plain editor - you can embed the Private GitHub issues and pull requests, PlantUML, Charts.js, Mermaid, or even LaTex for writing a beautiful formula.

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